This season is so ripe for comment.  From outrage (coming in to listen to the kids’ Christmas program only to hear Santa say “Christmas isn’t a time, or a person…it’s a feeling …blah blah blah” – ya, I changed channels) to mixed feelings (getting our tree at a tree farm, watching it get cut down for our 2 week pleasure), there’s so much going on everywhere.  Shopping is a nightmare.  Getting mail is fun! In fact, there’s so much that I’m just going to comment on one thing.  Busyness.

This year we are living in a city away from family.  We will be driving up to LA to visit the maternal grandparents on Christmas afternoon but most of our time is spent in Escondido.  Having no family and being new to the area, we really aren’t involved in anyone’s Christmas plans.  It’s an odd, quiet kind of way to spend Christmas.  We’ve been to the gym twice this week, and will be going to church services, but mostly it’s been us hanging out with us.  Not busy at all.  It took me a week to even get used to the idea, I kept feeling like I should be busy and must be forgetting something important!  Now I’m at the point where….I’m enjoying it!  We will try to invite other “seasonal orphans” over for a feast next week, schedules permitting, but that’s next week.  This Christmas, I am not busy.  And I like it!  Maybe I am more like my “cave troll” husband than I thought.  😉

Merry Christmas to all!

PS – Nathan, my beloved, is a _self-proclaimed_ “cave troll” – I’m not dissing him!  😛


About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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