Seasonal Confusion

It may not be on the books yet, but I’m guessing it will be soon!  Eliana and Sophia suffered the sad effects of “Serious Seasonal Confusion” today.  They saw the neighbor’s sprinklers going, felt the warm sun, and just ran on through those pretty fountains.  15 minutes later, two sad little faces were saying “Mommy, I’m cold” as they shivered, soaked from head to toe!  Amara was tempted to follow them, but wisely decided (given that she was dressed only in a diaper!) to come have some Mommy snuggle-time on my lap.  We watched the bees dance among the lavender towers.

bees on lavender spikesEven the bees seem confused… Is it really December??

The leaves falling, the trees turning beautiful shades of red and gold, the caroling, all clash discordantly with the 80F (26C) heat.  I know winter doesn’t officially “start” for 10 more days, but living previously in a place where winter started in October has made me almost unbelieving as I run around in shorts.  Yes, I too am suffering this seasonal condition.  I wear long sleeves to the kids’ caroling and swelter in the 90F; I wear skirts and shiver in church.

But please, don’t misunderstand me…I’m not complaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!  =D


About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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