We just saw Megamind in IMAX 3D.    It’s currently the top grossing movie, but there were only 4 other groups in the entire place, kinda surprising for a Saturday matinee.  Then again, it’s been out for a few weeks now…and it was IMAX, more expensive ($35 for two!!) than normal.  If we weren’t so desperate for some “escapism” we never would have paid that!  But we had a great time.  Although I still maintain that it was more a “man date” movie than a romantic date!  Next time I am definitely getting him to watch a chick flick with me – I wanted to watch Secretariat!

That said, I found the little blue evildoer quite appealing.  I’m usually one of those too-literal, annoyed types when watching current popular movies (I don’t enjoy crudeness, childish fantasticism or slapstick humor).  Megamind, however, had enough wittiness and social commentary to keep me interested and enough lightheartedness to make it a good choice for escapism.  I’m pretty surprised at how much I enjoyed it, actually!  So in my entirely subjective rating system: a B+!


About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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