Incredible Machine Review

We just bought the PC game “Return of The Incredible Machine Contraptions” for our now 6 year old son.  It is perfect!  He just loves making his own inventions a la Rube Goldberg, especially when it involves lasers and cats – oh wait, that’s my husband!  He is enjoying this game as much as, or more, than Jonathan!  The game gives its instructions verbally as well as in print so even nonreaders figure things out quickly.  There are levels for those who like solving puzzles and free play for the creative mind.  Our game occasionally freezes, I don’t know if that’s common with this version or just our computer.  For a 10-year old game it is fantastic.  I originally played this game in the late 90’s so I am very very impressed that it still works on today’s computers (although we made sure to buy the version that came out later).

I would highly recommend this game to anybody, young or old, who enjoys putting things together and making things work….and who like blowing up cats with laser guns!


About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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