Soup for Seniors

Wagon full of canned food


This is the result of our recent “Halloween alternative” idea.  We decided, after hearing that it used to be a tradition to ask for food for the poor on Halloween, to try it this year with our kids.  A week before Halloween we went around with notes telling the neighbors on our street (about 30 houses in all) what we were doing and asking them to give our kids cans of soup instead of candy on H’ween if they wanted to participate.  We also included invites/info on two church parties that we knew about (ours and our “old” churches’) for those not wishing to do the door-to-door thing with their kids.

And come Halloween afternoon, we started out.  And this is where we were, an hour later, staring at the large amount of good food collected for our local senior’s center, Joslyn Senior Center in Escondido.  How easy!  How amazing!  How wonderful!  Wow.

Think we’ll try it again next year!  =D

EDIT: It turns out that the Senior Center doesn`t take food, so we dropped everything off at the InterFaith Community Services.  🙂



About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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