One big fish

Today I drove in the general vicinity of a casino.  I found the “signage” very interesting and thought I’d share…

Sign #1: “Bumps Ahead” with a picture of casino chips.

Sign #2: “Free Lobster Dinner” with a lobster waving an invite at you.

Sign #3: “Casino Gold Coming Soon” – a new pawn shop opening up soon.

What struck me was the (probably) unintentional irony of these signs, in succession.  Bumps ahead?  Well, at least they give fair warning!  Driving over a bump may shake change out of your pocket…or it may make you lose even more.  Car? House? Family….

Then came the hook: the butt of a crustacean, for “free”.  Really?  Are we so easily lured?  It boggles the mind to imagine that a casino is so philanthropic that they’re sharing these $17/lb crustaceans just for public enjoyment, obviously there is some catch involved.

And finally, the result for one so caught: the pawn shop, where you can convert your jewelry, your prized possessions, for 1/10th of their price into more “gold” for the casino.

The warning, the hook, and the future.  What a depressing drive.  Obviously casinos think of us as fish, “suckers”, easily drawn in by lobster butts and hooked for life…or at least until the money runs out.  A recent craigslist ad made me feel so sad, someone was advertising some household items for very cheap, with the explanation: “I need to get to the casino!”  Yes, suckers indeed….

About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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