Avatar considered

We just watched Avatar in 3D.  Date night with four kids?  Yup!  But they stayed home.  🙂

Let me just say up front that I really wish I could go visit the world (Pandora) of Avatar.  It looks so pretty!  Who wouldn’t want to go on a canopy walk in a glowing forest??  Or take a ride on a semi-sentient dragon?  It’s a fun movie in that way, and once I got used to the 3D it was even better.

Avatar (which means substitutionary body) pulls a lot of its meaning, its zing, from real life.  Obviously, or otherwise we wouldn’t really connect with it.  And beyond its obvious axes to grind and passions to inflame, there’s something in it that’s compelling because it reflects a bit of truth, of reality.  The thing I found most compelling is the connections made between people (and between people and the environment, the world as personalized in their Gaia or “Eywa”).   If you’re a Christian, this should ring true to you too.  The Bible says that the Holy Spirit indwells believers and connects them to GOD, as well as builds them up into a living body with other believers, with Christ as the head.  In a spiritual sense, we are living the Avatar experience ourselves without needing the avatar!   Except our prayers go directly to God, our high priest Jesus is interceding for us and we don’t have to “hope” that some amorphous power-that-be will judge our cause to be worth helping because it helps the “balance.”  We KNOW that our God is good, and that He wills and makes all things serve His purposes, which are good.  Praise Him!  =D


About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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