The lightbulb has gone on somewhere in the general vicinity of my head.  In applying for Medi-Cal today, I have figured out why Californians complain so much about illegal immigrants mooching off the state and its benefits, etc.  The paperwork states (in the application) that Medi-Cal will only provide services to qualifying undocumented immigrants (read illegal) if they are either pregnant or needing emergency services.  Nobody complains about the pregnant women getting prenatal care (at least in my hearing) but the emergency services…explains a LOT.  If you can only get health coverage for an emergency, if the emergency room is the only option for health care, then OF COURSE all the illegal immigrants would be at the ER!!  Which OF COURSE explains why the ER wait times are so long in some areas and why people complain!

Now, personally, I think it only Christian to offer emergency and prenatal care even to illegal immigrants.  But I can see how drawing the line there makes it a big pain in other ways.  The lightbulb didn’t give me the easy “solution” to CA health care problems unfortunately…but it did explain a lot.

About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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