I generally try to have something to say when I make a post, but this is just a “What’s going on right now?” entry.

Nathan has rejoined the family, after 2.5 months in purgatory…ahem…Canada.  🙂  We are so very glad to be together again.  Although there has been an “adjustment” period too.  =D

Nathan’s seminary (WSC) is starting classes this week.  The next stage of the adventure begins!

Jonathan is signed up for starting kindergarten at Mountain Valley Academy in Ramona, CA (about 20 min. away).  It’s a 2 days class, 3 days homeschooling option, but since his transfer hasn’t been approved yet I’m not sure whether it’s for sure.  He’s excited, anways!  He and Eliana spent a half hour reading through his math books practicing their counting….ahh, things that make a mother’s heart glad.  😉  Jonathan’s also on the Ramona Montessori program waitlist.

Our car and van are officially Californian now.  Why does that make our move seem more permanent?  Oh, one random note.  Everybody (it seems) has some sort of sticker decal on their cars here, so I thought and thought for weeks what I wanted ours to say.  Finally I hit upon my best idea.  We have “JESUS” in red print on the back of the van.  Not “Jesus saves” or anything, just his name.  It seems more to the point this way.  Islam is not about Muhammed, Buddhism is not about Buddha, but Christ really is Christianity in a nutshell.  There are a lot of NOTW (Not of this world) stickers everywhere I look, and I think it’s a Christian one, but to me it seems a bit obscure.  I like my Jesus.  =D

And, on the topic of weather, we’ve had it hot since Nathan got here;  90-100F every day.  So the last two days of 70F has actually had me shivering at night.  Ha!  Now I’m a real Californian again!  =P

About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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