Sad Riches

We finally got some news!  The head of the consulate called my Congressman’s staffer and said that there would be no problem with Nathan’s visa…except that they needed more papers n Nathan needs another medical exam.   So Nathan will probably have to fly somewhere next week for that (there are only three places in all Canada that the consulate accepts) AND he has to miss his summer Greek class, BUT he’ll be here…sometime soon!!!!

Today I took the kids to an estate sale for lack of something better to do.  It turned out to be in Poway in real mansion-land.  This house’s master suite was bigger than my HOUSE.  Seriously.  Practically the whole household was for sale, from the appliances to the curtains to the cleaning supplies, so I asked why.  Apparently the mother died so the rest of the family moved.  It all made much more sense then.  The whole house had a sad, abandoned kind of feeling – and in retrospect it was obvious that the woman of the house had not been involved in preparing for the move.

As I left I felt rich.  Kinda odd considering the material differences but not considering my recent stay in the ER.  We are a rich family, for we are together and happy with what and who we have.  I wouldn’t trade that for all the square footage in the world – and I suspect the estate house people would agree with me.


About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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