We have purged.  Several times now.  With our international move (from SK to CA) only 3 weeks away, it was inevitable.  To get the kids more excited about letting go of some of their toys, I promised them that whatever money their toys made at the garage sale, they could split and use to buy something new.  Defeating the purpose?  Maybe – but even I was getting tired of some of their old toys.  And I figured we’d be ahead anyways, with 2 bags of old reduced to 4 new toys.  =D

So today was the exciting trip to the toystore (a consignment store because they only came out with $10 each).  Jonathan had been talking about wanting a shop with all the tools he’d need to be a good “working man” – something I was more than happy to encourage since his latest kick has been playing Roman soldier, with alien killings usually involved.  This is despite his willingness to give up the entire set of tools that he already had.  Well, wouldn’t you know, on his third “Is this $10?” choice, he had found a bag of tool toys for exactly $10.  How could I say no?  And to be fair, his new set includes a tool belt and toys in much  better shape than his old ones.  So there’s one kid done.

Eliana similarly zeroed right in to her “perfect” gift.  She chose a Leapfrog book-reading kit.  Alright, so I chipped in some money too, but I thought it might help during our upcoming 8 day roadtrip.  =D  “Red fish Blue fish…”

Sophia, on the other hand, completely surprised me.  My little spunky monkey is usually a sucker for anything “mommy” related but this time she chose….drumroll….a pink polka-dotted gardening bag.  Yes, a (new) bag with gardening tools in it and plenty of storage for other “stuff” she’d need.  Maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention to my third child.  I had no idea she yearned to garden!  I mean, all my kids love playing in the dirt, but I hadn’t ever noticed Sia being particularly…”green”.  I am planning on heartily encouraging this new trend as last summer’s attempts at getting my older two to weed were dismal failures…but maybe if she’s just got the right tools…why didn’t I ever think of this before???  =)

And lastly, Amara, who didn’t get to choose her own gift but apparently had communicated clearly to her older siblings that “she wants something to chew”.  A toy car was set aside in favor of foam bath letters, and everybody’s happy (her little teeth marks are well on their way down the 26-letter long list).  Man, I had no idea I would learn so much about my kids just by giving them money!


About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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