Getting old

At lunch today at church, the topic came to ageing and health, which we all agreed meant that we were definitely getting old!  Not that 32-44 is old (unless you’re 6 yourself) but it’s not “young” either.  I don’t really think of myself as old, but I definitely think having children instantly and daily “ages” you more than time does!  How many days or weeks did I lose yesterday rushing up the stairs after hearing Amara fall out of her bassinet?  I’m sure at least one new gray hair will makes its appearance!  She’s fine, by the way – but we are getting her into a crib!  (thanks to a kind friend loaning us one).

I seem to be in the minivan soccer mom age, except we don’t have a minivan.  No, we have a van.  It’s a GMC Safari and it is a beast.  I’m sure it’s easily the biggest passenger van out there, or very close to it.  It’s very spacious inside – the kids sit one seat apart and they can’t reach each other (bwah ha ha…) – but when the power steering was out last week it was brought home to me Very Forcefully that it is a beast.  Talk about an upper body workout!  After a trip to the post office and back I was almost sweating!  Thankfully, we found the money to fix it and we are again driving it around with the tips of our fingers instead of the brute force of our biceps.   As for the soccer, well I think we now have two children who might play this season.  We skipped a season because every time we took Jonathan for the Tiny Tots practice, all he wanted to do was go play at the playground instead.  🙂  What with a probable move in May/June, I don’t know how long Jonathan and Eliana will be in soccer, but I think it’s worth a try again…and they want to.

We met some friends we’d known in Edmonton 4 years ago today.  That also helped remind us of the passing of time.  We have 3 more children now, and their 4 children are all bigger than me!  I know this happens to everyone at some point, but it is the reality of it happening to you that makes ageing so….bothersome.  On the other hand, when the topic of “what age would you rather be?” came up at lunch, I had to say that I wouldn’t want to go back any earlier than today.  Not if I had to give up one ounce of the little scraps of wisdom I’ve so painfully accumulated.


About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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