One more sleep…

Just one more “sleep” between me and 32.  (this is Katherine, Nathan’s already midway through the 35 mark)  I am not feeling anxious about another number because 32 is actually my favorite number and I’m hoping that means a good year.  🙂  I’ve already gotten flowers from Nathan, which are just gorgeous and such a sweet surprise. There’s a truly impressive dead bird sitting in my sink (a gift, I would NEVER have bought it!) and I’m sure we’ll be eating leftovers from my birthday dinner tomorrow for a week.  Now for the New Years resolution of going to the gym regularly…:P

Nathan’s home tomorrow so I get to sleep in YAY!  He only worked two days this week but we both really felt each day, Nathan especially because he sprained his left ankle working on Christmas Eve.  He had five days of “rest” before work on Weds but he definitely isn’t better yet.  His version of rest is not perhaps the normal; he was standing and limping around because sitting with his foot up was “boring”!  So I’m expecting his recovery to be longer than normal.  I guess if I’m feeling my age weighing down, Nathan must be feeling it even more since he’s already got the cane!!  😀

On the kid front, Christmas must have been too exciting because they’ve been “coming down” for a week now!  They love all their toys and there have only been one or two major fights over who gets to play with whose toy.  Amara is crawling all over the place and trying to stand up; I suspect walking comes next month!  And she’s only 7 months now!  One other thing about her:  she just loves computers (laptops).  More than any other child we’ve had and Jonathan was a tough one to beat!  I’m fending her off now as I type.  Better end this post now before the uber-drool shorts something out!  Have a great 2010!


About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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