‘Tis the season musings…

We actually went shopping.  The Saturday before Christmas.  Yes, we are insane.  Thankfully, we found the one item we were looking for in the second store we stopped at, so got home only 3 hours later than expected….’course, the first (unproductive) store still suckered us into 3 bags of stuff.  There seems to be a sense in the air, maybe spiritual, of “BUY” SHOP “BUY” everywhere you go at pre-Christmas time.  People stumbling over others just to put a piece of junk into their cart first…that they would have easily walked past a month earlier.  I am victim to this urge as well, and can only thank our dismal bank account (and my husband’s common sense – “Don’t bring more junk home!”) to curb these mad impulses.  I don’t know if it’s having such young children that bring out the mad shopper in me, or the enviroment, but either way I am glad it’s almost OVER!  🙂

We would have sensibly stayed home if it wasn’t for Sammy.  Our cat Sammy, who has been with us for 5 years, is gone.  Oh, he’s fine – I think – but he’s with a new family now.  One that lives dangerously close to the main shopping area (ergo the previous paragraph).  I’m still processing the feelings/thoughts of being catless for only the third time in my life.  We got cats soon after we got married because the mice moved in first.  I do not “do” mice.  In my food.  In a nice little cage, sure they can be cute.  But not my food.  We lost our other kitty, Yeti (my favorite) this summer to an SUV and Sammy had just gotten grumpier and grumpier since then.  Of course, I hardly blame him since he had become the sole recipient of the kids’ daily “hunts”….and they’re still small enough to crawl under our bed too.  All of this is why I put the ad up Thursday night on kijiji…but I didn’t really expect him to be gone by Saturday!  At least his new home has lots of mice where he can hopefully regain his rightful place in the circle of life… if his new family’s dog lets him alone sometimes.  Goodbye, Sammy, you were a pain, a comfort and very much our cat.  Eat well.

About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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