Goin’ on a Hunt

I’ve been reading some learning disability books lately, and ran across this comparison.  They said that some kids (ADD, etc) are like hunters in a farmers world.  Their skillset, as you might call it, of constantly monitoring the environment (distractability), wandering around (restlesness), etc are actual traits a good hunter might have.  While a good farmer follows things through patiently, a hunter goes off to find the next meal.

I didn’t talk about this at all with my 5-y.o. son.  So when he put a backpack on, grabbed a hat and declared himself ready to go out for a walk/hunt I just said “Ok!” and finished getting my garden ready for winter.  Apparently animals needed hunting, while my garden needed mulching.  Yup.  I think this analogy’s a keeper.  I suspect it will help me keep perspective instead of pulling my hair out.  Now if only I could direct all that energy into something fruitful….

About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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