Nathan was talking to a Christian co-worker who declared himself to be totally “post-modern.”  Nathan told him that he’s passe, the new trend is “post-evangelicalism”!

Post evangelicalism is the latest fad in Christian thought. In one aspect, it takes “Preach Christ at all times and if necessary, use words” to the extreme – somehow all you need to do is have your own private faith and the world will be impressed by your good works and become saved.

Now nobody will argue that good works are bad. Or that living your life as much as possible according to Christ’s example is wrong. But if you expect only your good life to show Christ to the world, you still need to let people know that it is Christ within you who is accomplishing whatever good you do. Otherwise, all they could be learning from your example is moralism or gnosticism/deism – there is a God. They would still be lost in their sins without the blood of Christ.

The saving knowledge of Jesus requires the special knowledge of Jesus found in Scripture, God’s word and the hearing of God’s word in preaching the good news (Jesus’ last command to his disciples). This could be described as the difference between general revelation of God, seen is all His creation, and the special revelation of salvation through Jesus Christ as described in scripture.  Words are necessary.

Post-evangelicalism is really only an excuse to absolve ourselves of the duty to preach Christ. And that is a sin Christ will not be pleased with.

About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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