Homeschooling, life and God

This is a general update.  Things have been busy…

Nathan was supposed to take his Hebrew midterm last Tuesday.  After studying like mad, he went to the church where he’d arranged to take the test….got the test…and it was in Greek!  They sent the wrong test!  Talk about “It’s all Greek to me!”  So he’s still studying for his Hebrew midterm which he’ll take next week.  He passed his Church History test and now has Intro NT and Hebrew left.  I’ve been helping him study and I think I know the Hebrew alphabet, and definitely some of the vocab.  Almost a 2-for-1 education!

Nathan started working at UPS part time a few weeks ago.  So far so good, and I really like the schedule – he’s home from 10:30 am onwards…’course, he’s leaving for work at 5 am but that seems to work for him.  I can’t imagine doing it!

We’ve been sick the last couple of weeks with a miserable head cold so not much happening on the homeschooling front.  I’ve been doing reading with the kids (good snuggling at least on sick days!) and reading some books myself about homeschooling philosophies and options.  I was in Montessori schools til Grade 4 so I looked into that first.  I like a lot of the ideas but some of the tasks seem like makework compared to what actually happens at home.  I think I’ll incorporate some ideas into our daily routines.  I already adding doing dishes to Eliana’s chores and she really loves it.  The problem is keeping Sophia and Jonathan out of the sink while Elly and I wash!  I have also been looking into Charlotte Mason methods and unit studies.  I’m hoping to read a little more on KONOS curriculum, I think that sounds like the best fit so far for our multi-level kinesthetic group!  I ordered “Get Ready for the Code” and Singapore Math’s Earlybird 1A and 1B books.  I think I need a little more structure than what I’ve been doing so far, but less makework.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’m feeling a lot more committed to homeschooling as the best choice for our children, so the break has been good.

Next weekend (Canadian thanksgiving) we’ll be heading to Edmonton, AB for Amara’s baptism.  It will be very good to see old friends again!  I’m really looking forward to it, and hopefully 3 whole days away from Hebrew will allow Nathan’s brain to congeal.  🙂

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Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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2 Responses to Homeschooling, life and God

  1. Sheryl Olson says:

    Such a blessing to visit with you this weekend! I really miss you as a regular in our lives. The Lord Has greater plans for us than we know, and we trust it all to His Glory.
    We spoke of ‘swimming words’ in our home teaching conversation and I was wondering how that was overcome?
    I was looking at “multiple intelligences” online and all the many learning types as well as kinesthetic. Gardner or Armstrong have done much research in these areas and it may be very enlightening as your ‘school’ grows!
    May God carry you through these enjoyable times!! Love you Kathy!

  2. nathankathy says:

    Thanks Sheryl!
    Thanksgiving truly was a blessed time for us.
    As for how Nathan overcame having words “swim” when he tried to read, well he says he just has to concentrate really hard and take his time. He seems to describe it almost like pinning each word down and looking at it, then moving on to the next. He says it is a big problem when he tries to read faster because then he skims the words and gets them wrong. His reading is slower than mine but I’m still very impressed by how fast it is compared with what he has to do to even read at all! So I guess the answer is, he never overcame it at all, just learned how to live with it.
    I’m really leaning towards kinesthetic teaching for all the kids and audio/visual as much as each child can take it. I’ll look up the references you mentioned, thanks!

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