Homeschooling beginning

I’ve started homeschooling Jonathan this week.  He’s going to school at home, “just like Daddy!” (Nathan’s taking a full course load online since the house didn’t sell in time).  I’m sure I’ll be learning lots and it won’t seem so scary soon.  Nathan and I were reviewing again why we’re choosing to homeschool and it’s been good to remind ourselves (myself).  I do really like having tasks but also a flexible schedule that can respond to our needs instead of us rearranging our lives for a school’s needs and times.  What we’ve done so far?  Well, it’s “tractor week” so we are reading tractor books, Jonathan’s building and driving tractors, we visited two tractor dealerships and we’ll be visiting a farm to see why tractors are needed.  Not bad for a first week, I think.  I’m also trying to evaluate Jonathan’s skills more closely so I can see where we’re going and what needs work.  He seems to have forgotten a lot from last winter when we studied the alphabet and numbers…on the other hand, he can sit and read for half an hour now.  I’m also going to be including Eliana on most of the subjects since she’s at the same level in many areas.  I think I need almost as much work myself with organization, patience and time management!

About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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