Who’s in the driver’s seat?

Christianity in NA has a lot of metaphors, “Christianese” and spiritual talk.  One such metaphor that I’ve heard time after time is the “Who’s in the driver’s seat?” question – you or Jesus?

Over the last few days, I’ve had plenty of time and reason to be thinking about cars.   Nathan just got the mechanic’s estimate for the Safari repairs that are needed, only in the range of $500 plus labor.  Only.  The van has some pretty interesting issues…the wheels “jump” during hard turns, the brakes seize and go right, and the van moves all over the road (rocking side to side as it goes).  Driving this van has left me feeling that this common metaphor needs some changing.

In reality, we are never the driver.  Only God can see what’s ahead, hear warning signals and only He can ever perfectly navigate the road.  We are more like the car.  Have you ever had a car that was so responsive it felt “alive”?  A mere touch and it obeyed?  Smoothly turning, slowing down when told to, speeding up with alacrity – a car like this is a joy to drive.  We should be the same, doing our best to respond to Jesus’ direction with the utmost obedience.  It’s when we think we know better that we drift off the road or into oncoming cars; we don’t slow down when He slams on the brakes and can hit the person ahead. Driving my van makes me wonder how often God is frustrated with my “stubborn” driving.  I can just see Him on the side of the road, kicking my tires!  =)


About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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