Abortion – easy out for men?

I was reading Albert Mohler’s blog (he’s the head of the seminary Nathan’s been accepted at) and he had some interesting thoughts.  One of them was about abortion.  He points to recent research that shows that in the years since Roe v. Wade, easily accessible abortions have had an anti-woman effect that perhaps is not thought about too much.  Since abortion is available if there are any “accidental” pregnancies, men have become disconnected from any responsibility to the child.  A woman’s “choice” has become a man’s “easy out” – if he doesn’t want the child, he just tells her to get an abortion and if she refuses, he’s gone.  It’s her “choice” after all.  She is now the only one responsible.  Is that what feminists expected?  Probably not.  It’s no surprise, after all Adam passed the buck to Eve way back when (and she passed it to the snake!) but it’s certainly something I hadn’t thought about.   Now I wonder if God’s words about being the Father of the orphan, widow and poor should include the woman dumped by her boyfriend because she refused to abort their child….


About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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