Pandemic Paranoia

Recent news has reported that the WHO pandemic level is 6, ie, we’re in a pandemic.  “Swine flu” has spread between humans in different countries and is considered dangerous enough to warrant the golden title of Pandemic Influenza strain (the pandemic level only refers to the current influenza outbreak, not any other diseases).  Another article mentions that scientists have decoded a strain of HIV that is closest genetically to a gorilla version, not a chimpanzee virus, marking the first time gorillas have been identified as a possible animal vector for the disease (eating or butchering gorillas being possible methods of transmission).

It makes you think.  The current influenza virus, although at pandemic levels, has only killed a handful of people (429 at last count), compared to HIV, whose victims number at least 25 million.  Think about that.  TWENTY-FIVE MILLION.  25,000,000 vs. 429.  Yet it’s “swine flu will get us all!” paranoia running rampant, not “We’re losing thousands of people every day!” that, if you really really thought about it, would be the response to 25 million.  Apparently 3 million people die every year from HIV related diseases.  That makes an average of 8219 people dead every day.  Swine flu is just over an hour in comparison!  Where’s the perspective?  Where’s the national outcries?  Why aren’t people talking about it…at all????

Is it because HIV is spread via fairly easily avoidable ways?  In comparison to the flu, which we all get.  Maybe those people deserved to die, after all they must have done something naughty…like have unprotected sex. None of us ever do that!  C’mon.  Seriously.  It may be that we’ve all got “panic fatigue” hearing about HIV, which is mostly killing off people in places we can’t even pronounce, whereas Swine flu is getting people down the street, but still.  We’re all one race, the human race, and losing 8219 precious people every day is simply unacceptable if we still want to call ourselves civilized.  After all, civilized people don’t sit back and let genocide occur without making a peep….or do they?


About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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