The Perils of Vanity – Who Knew?

I am a very accomplished ostrich when it comes to the sands of popular culture and news, but every once in a while something catches my attention and I poke my head up to check it out.  This has happened more and more since Yahoo! Mail started posting news titles on my homepage so I have to be really diligent to avoid reading them.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been diligent enough to be unaware of the current “Jon and Kate” soap opera.  I was peripherally aware that there was a show about their family but found the few glimpses uninteresting so usually avoided them in favor of the Duggars.  Thus, the tabloid front pages blasting the news out about their divorce caught me by surprise – after all, if their family is their cash cow, why rip it in half??  One blurb that I caught spoke of Kate’s “confusion” and Jon’s “wanting to move on”…hmmnn I said to myself…sounds like he’s already found greener pastures….and sure enough pictures start showing up this week with Jon and new girlfriend, 22, daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon.  Thus the title of this blog.  Girls (and women) take note:  Vanity is dangerous!  Sure, you go to a plastic surgeon thinking it’ll boost your self-esteem, renew your husband’s interest, get you into those sexy jeans and mean you don’t have to pass on dessert (after four pregnancies, I can definitely see the pros of a tummy tuck!)…but really you’re sowing the seeds of future divorce!  Who knew?!?  Think I’ll be reminding myself of this for at least the 6 months it’ll take for their self-induced tragedy to play itself out as I pat my nice post-pregnancy un-tucked tummy.  Nice Tummy.


About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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