In the beginning…


Imagine: a family group is sitting around a fire one night, trying to keep warm. And God is there. They are given one question that God will answer for them. They huddle together and finally decide upon THE question. They will ask, they decide, how life began. So the leader speaks up and says “God, we’ve decided that we want to know how you created all of this” and she gestures around the fire to everything, the people, the rocks, the sky. And God spoke. But they couldn’t understand; “God!” they cried out, “We are weak, and have not even the words to understand you. Please, explain again.” And so God spoke again in simple words, of stars and light and things hereto unbelievable. Again the humans cried out, “God! We have not the mind to understand what you speak of! Please, please, we ask once more, explain so that we may understand.” And so God pondered. Finally, all around the fire, pictures began to appear: a dark, formless void, darker than anything they had ever ever seen before, terrifying in its emptiness. And then there was light shining, shining through the dark, until a sky was visible, stars, and behold! a sun…such beauty they had never imagined before. Then the land appeared, slowly, awash in its new birth, the ocean (for now there was an ocean) lapping at the land, longing for its return. Rejoicing in the land and the sea, creatures appeared in both. Such variety! Each one somehow unique, yet all combining into an incomprehensibly beautiful whole. The scene shifted, closing in on one: a human, the first of its kind. But all of creation had a duality that cried out at the humans’ desolate singleness. And so appeared another, equal and yet different to the first, completing that aching singleness and making it whole. And God sent the humans around the fire a feeling of immense satisfaction, so great that it was barely understandable, so giant that they too yearned to feel such a love and repleteness. The scenes faded away…leaving the humans awash in wonder. “Thank you” they breathe as one, feeling in themselves once more a tiny bit of that immense satisfaction, for a question well answered and a creation perfect in all its ways. And thus has it come down to us, we, the far descendants of this family; the details have faded, but never the joy and the love of God for this creation.


About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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