Starting fresh…


It doesn’t have quite the same tactile sensation as the smell of paper or pencil, or even the same satisfaction of toner odour as your first draft rolls out of the printer, but this new adventure of “blogging” should be fun!  Especially as we’re doing it together.  Nathan and I are going to be posting random thoughts and articles here, on who knows how many subjects, so I’ll just introduce us now.  We’ve been married since Sept ’03, have three children and are currently expecting our fourth in May ’09.  We have a small zoo in our house; going from biggest on down they are: Bear (Newfoundlander dog), Lady (Sheltie), Yeti (polydactyl cat who thinks he’s a dog), Sammy (our “cow-cat” who thinks he’s a baby) and our 3 goldfish…who, from their recent behaviour, may not be long for this world.  We flirted with the idea of having chickens but they are against town code and the dogs would probably “herd” them to death anyways…but someday maybe!  We have dreams of a house with a little land and no animal codes; Nathan wants grapes and I would fill every available nook with edible plants…and someday, somewhere, we may have alpacas.  If Nathan lets me.  =P  Right now, we’re trying to sell our little house in our little rural town in Saskatchewan, Canada, so Nathan can attend seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.  That’s the game plan, anyways, God’s plans always triumph!  We are Christians, as will no doubt become abundantly clear in future posts, but although our membership is currently with the Bible Presbyterian church of Canada we don’t really consider ourselves of any particular denomination.  Over time separately and together since married we have found ourselves moving towards positions that take the Bible seriously and not just as a story;  for example, we now take Sundays as our Sabbaths seriously and don’t go shopping or out to eat, etc – since we know we need that day of rest, we don’t think it’s fair to ask others to work for us (although, as Jesus pointed out, there are merciful actions that should happen every day, so we will take our kids to hospital if needed on Sunday, extremely thankful for the doctors and nurses who waive their rest to serve us).  Of course, as Christians we also know how extremely far short we fall daily in following our Saviour’s lead in action and thought, so if you’re looking for “hypocrisy” in our lives I’m sure there will be plenty of evidence!  So we hope you extend mercy to us on this blog as we are imperfect, saved sinners who just want to glorify our King.


About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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